Wacoal Bras: Worth Every Single Penny

Black woman putting on makeup in Wacoal bra

When compared to other bra brands, Wacoal bras can be considered pricey. However, I am a quality over quantity girl and I have never regretted purchasing any bra from this brand. Once you try one for yourself, especially if you have larger breasts, I’m certain you will never want to shop any other brands. That has been my experience for sure. And I will chose a quality bra over their cheaper counterparts.

If you have never had the privilege of wearing a Wacoal bra, I would definitely encourage you to indulge in a free bra-fitting session when the world opens back up and we can get back into stores. Click here to see my initial session from last year. I did another fitting this year.  I have lost some weight and wanted to be sure to my cup and band sizes were still accurate. A professional fitting is a MUST if you really want to get the most out of your bras, including the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Black women applying makeup wearing a Wacoal bra Blogger Nikki Free smiling at reflection in mirror wearing Wacoal

Every woman needs at least one Wacoal bra in her collection. The one I am wearing here is the Visual Effects Minimizer Bra. This underwire minimizer bra offers all-day support and reduces your bustline up to one inch. The seamless, full coverage cups provide a smooth look under clothes, making this underwire minimizer bra your go-to when you want to look your best. And remember, your undergarments, especially your bra, are just as important as what you are wearing on top. You bra should be your style BFF. I mean look at how great this one looks underneath this dress.

Always Invest In A Quality Bra

Black woman in striped sundress and denim jacket

Of the more than 25 bras I own, 95% of them are Wacoal. That’s by design at this point because I purged all others, a  true testament to how well these bras are made. Invest in a quality bra and you won’t regret it. They are extremely functional and provide a great amount of comfort. Earlier this week, I shared with you here on the blog how Wacoal has helped me solve my most annoying bra woes. Also, read about the Elevated Allure Underwire bra here. That one is specifically designed to lift the bust up to one inch. Check those posts out too when you get a chance.



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