Get Lifted With This Wacoal Bra And Find The Perfect Fit

Influencer wearing black bra and open white dress shirt

I am so excited to once again be partnering with Wacoal. Over the last year, this brand has definitely become my absolute favorite for bras. In fact, I have downsized my bra collection so much that a Wacoal bra  is all I wear 95% of the time. I honestly can’t get enough of these bras and the amazing fit and comfort they offer.

Recently, I tried new bras from the brand and I want to share the amazing benefits of each one with you. Today, let’s get into the Elevated Allure Underwire Bra. It’s from Wacoal’s Ultimate Lift Collection and is specifically designed to lift the bust up to one inch.

Black blogger sipping a cocktail wearing undergarmentsBlack woman wearing black Wacoal bra, black panties and open white dress shirt

What woman doesn’t want a bra that lifts her breast in a natural way? I don’t know a single one. And this is the perfect bra to achieve this effect. I noticed a significant boost when I wore this particular Wacoal bra and was really happy with how it looked underneath my shirt. Although it is unlined, the lightweight and seamless cups offer such a smooth silhouette that it can be worn with anything. There is a lot to love about the Elevated Allure Underwire Bra.

Influencer Nikki Free wearing leopard print top over Wacoal bra Influencer Nikki Free walking and wearing leopard print top over Wacoal bra

What I love most is how super comfortable and figure flattering this bra is. It’s also just a pretty bra that’s also classic and sexy. I have worn this bra almost every day since I got it because of its light and airy feel. Also, the bonded neckline allows it to lay flat for a sleek look and minimizes any cup spillage. But hey, if you are spilling out of your bra, you definitely haven’t taken advantage of Wacoal’s free in-store fitting services.

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