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Pretty In Pink Week: Making Me Blush

It’s Pretty In Pink Week here on the blog, and today’s color is making me blush just thinking about it. And if you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about the color blush pink. I actually call her the less dramatic and mostly mild-mannered first cousin of pink.

Showcased all over the runways from New York to Milan in 2019, women AND men alike gravitated towards this light and powerfully understated hue. Blush is unisex if you didn’t know. I mean, who doesn’t think real men wear pink? But don’t let the crisp coolness of blush fool you! It packs a punch when done right. 

The versatility of this shade makes it so easy to wear whether you’re walking the red carpet — think Regina King’s STUNNING blush pink Versace gown at the Oscars two days ago, or  strutting down the sidewalk giving your best street style vibes. Wear this powder pink hue in a professional office setting too without feeling out of place in a sea of black, brown and grey. ⁣

The Best Way To Wear Blush

My favorite way to wear blush pink is in a monochromatic look. It packs the most impact and makes a beautiful feminine neutral statement. I’ve enjoyed playing with this subdued hue over thee years too. Just click here and here to see some of my other blush pink looks from over the years. In fact, the moto jacket I’m wearing in this post is remixed in one of those looks. See, some things never go out of style.

Everything I’m wearing I’ve had over a year. The jacket is from Forever 21, the dress is ASOS, the bag is Gucci, the shoes are Sam Edelman, the necklace is Charming Charlies
And just for your shopping pleasure, I have assembled a few great blush pink clothing items just for The Freehive. I’m certain you’ll find something you love. Because hey, if he doesn’t make you blush,  take his credit card and buy some clothes that will! Ha!
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