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Pretty In Pink Week: Pop Of Color Trench Coat

It’s Pretty In Pink Week here on in celebration of Valentine’s Day. To kick off this week where love is in the air, I’ve decided to wear some of my absolute favorite pink items from my closet. And since  the color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love, what better time to let this pretty color shine. ⁣

Today’s look is all about this pretty pink trench coat. Ladies, you can never go wrong with a statement accessory, and a pop of color trench coat will have you praying for spring’s long-awaited arrival. For a few seasons now, colorful trench coats have been a popular street style staple as designers have swapped out the traditionally beige color palette for an array of rainbow colors.

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I bought this pink trench coat in 2018 from ASOS (click here to see how I wore it previously). Because it’s such a classic silhouette, trust me it will never go out of style. And with Spring on the horizon, this pink trench is perfect for transitional weather! ⁣It is absolutely one of my all time favorite classic items.

Looking for a traditional trench coat with a touch of cool? I’ve got you covered. Here, I’ve linked some of this season’s fun and fashionable trenches in every size and price range. Get yourself a pop of color trench coat and you will definitely thank me later. It’s definitely an item to add to your wardrobe that will liven up any look. Happy Shopping Freehive!

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