Karen Kane: A Brand For Every Woman

Black Woman in blue dress kicking up her leg
I can’t wait until we kick winter and welcome in the pretty flowers, cool breezes and comfortable sundresses of Spring. It’s my busy business travel season and often times I’ll hop off an airplane just in time for a meeting.
That’s why I need clothes that not only travel well, but are also business meeting appropriate. This Karen Kane dress fits the bill. It’s lightweight and had minimal wrinkling. The dark color plays well in a professional setting and is super easy to accessorize. I can throw on a blazer for an even more polished business look. Once I take off my airport track shoes and throw on a pair of designer heels, I’m ready for the C-Suite strategy meeting.
Black Woman wearing blue dress leaning on wall
Influencer Nikki Free in blue dress nodding head and smiling
Influencer Nikki Free leaning on rail in blue dress
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Influencer Nikki Free walking down sidewalk in blue dress
Karen Kane is that universal brand for every woman at every stage of her life and career. I actually wore a Karen Kane suit from Macy’s to my very first job interview right out of college. Karen Kane’s design philosophy is simple. They believe in designing real clothing for women who don’t have time to search through trends to find the essentials. Subtle, yet luxurious. Relaxed, yet energetic. Unpretentious, yet refined. And above all else: comfortable, yet stylish…always. That’s Karen Kane.

About This Karen Kane Dress

Indulgently smooth, this breezy dress features extended roll sleeves and a front-slit hem. It is cinched at the waist for a uniquely tailored look, and the belted tie includes wood and resin tiger’s eye beads.
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