How To Travel In Comfort Without Compromising Style

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“To know me is to fly with me. I’m the aisle, you’re the window — trapped.” 

That’s the opening line in one of my favorite movies, Up In The Air. It’s how Ryan Bingham, George Clooney’s character, describes his grueling business travel regime. From the moment those words were uttered, I knew I would immediately identify with Ryan. I would be in that window seat next to Ryan. Trapped.

Today’s post is all about how to travel in comfort and style while “trapped” on an airplane.

To say I travel a lot is an understatement. If you follow my Insta Stories, you will notice my weekly Another Day Another Flight posts of my frequent take-offs and landings. And while traveling for a living is both a blessing (getting to explore the country on someone else’s dime) and a curse (loss time with family at home), I’ve gained some valuable travel insights. One, and probably the most important, is how to choose the best travel clothes that are both comfortable and stylish.

For me, comfort plays a large part in making long flights as pleasurable as possible. It’s also why my travel clothes are never a last-minute thought. I actually have specific clothing just for traveling in. And now, I’m sharing my favorite travel pieces with you. Use these tips to help you master the art of comfortable travel — even in the cheap seats! 

How To Travel In Comfort & Style: 5 Easy Tips 

1. Fast Lane Fashion

The absolute best tip I can give you is this one: travel clothing should never slow you down. Going through airport security is already a hassle. Why add to it by wearing utility boots with lots of laces? You end up not only frustrated, but you’ve also inconvenienced the people behind you. Go with loafers, Uggs or any shoe that can easily slip on or off, and provides all the comfort you need for those long hauls between connecting flights.

2. No Restrictions 

Trousers with stretch are your best friend, especially on long flights. Don’t wear anything that restricts your movement or makes you twitch uncomfortably in your seat. Your personal style will dictate your fashion choices, but a classic black and white Adidas track suit is comfortable and always in style.

3. Always bet on black

Why? Because your vanilla mocha latte spills won’t be visible on your top once the turbulence subsides. It also helps to conceal what may not be visible in your dirty seat.  An all black ensemble is also so classic and super easy to accessorize. Grab a blanket scarf with a bold and colorful print, toss it across your shoulders — instant Jackie O vibes.  The scarf can also double as a blanket when you want to get cozy and catch some zzzz.

4. There’s Layers To This

Speaking of scarves, they’re a perfect layering piece. Layers are important when in flight as your journey takes you through different climates, and temperatures in-flight can vary. Make sure your layers are easy to remove or add, and can fit in your carry-on when easily folded. A lightweight jacket is also a perfect layering piece over a comfy tee.

5. Don’t Forget The Undies

Wearing the wrong undergarments can make a long flight a miserable experience. Ask me how I know. I avoid wearing bras with underwire all together during travel and opt for an ultra comfy t-shirt bra like my favorite one from Lane Bryant. Don’t even think about flying in a waist trainer ladies. It’s just a total recipe for disaster.


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