Glow Up All Summer With The Best Bronzers For Brown Skin

Influencer Nikki Free holding angled makeup brush

Summer is in full swing and the sun is doing what it does best, especially here down South. So you know what that means? It’s GLOW UP time black girls! I have curated a list of the absolute best bronzers to give our brown skin that sun-kissed glow. 

So, you may be wondering exactly what a bronzer is and why you need it. First, let me be very clear: black women of ALL skin tones — from fair to dark — can (and should) have the bronzed face of our dreams. While initially marketed almost exclusively to white women who wanted to look tanned without sunbathing, brown girls wanted that same beach-y look too. Bronzers warm up the face, emulate a sun-kissed glow and enhance a tan. Bronzers are a great way to make your skin look radiant and healthy.

Now, there are an abundance of bronzers from innovative brands like Fenty by Rihanna designed to specifically add a lot of warmth and definition to darker skin tones. And I am all the way here for it. 

In fact, my absolute favorite bronzer for brown skin is Mocha Mami by Fenty. A beautiful sun-kissed glow achieved by this medium-dark, reddish-brown  soft powder with warm undertones and a matte finish. I love it because it is much more pigmented than it is sheer. This makes it perfect for even deeper skin tones in my opinion. Its light powdery texture also makes it easy to blend with very little effort. 

Ladies, get thee to your nearest makeup counter and grab any one of the bronzers below. When applied to the high points of your face, bronzers create beautiful definition. They also leave your friends and co-workers wondering how you have such sun-kissed skin minus a recent vacation. 

Cheers to the GLOW UP! 

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