Let JCPenney Help You Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is finally here and JCPenney spring fashion finds are in full bloom. I have teamed up with the iconic department store  to ring in this new season with a refreshed wardrobe of bright colors and pretty prints.

There are so many new arrivals with great styles at great values, making it easy to discover items to love. They also have all the apparel and accessories must-haves for the new Spring season — and right in time for Easter.

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Speaking of Easter, my paternal Great Grandmother Frances would buy all of my Easter dresses from JCPenney in my youth. It was an annual tradition for the two of us, and I loved shopping with her at her favorite department store. My maternal Grandmother Mary would take me and my youngest Aunt Lisa to the store for all of our back to school clothes. It was at JCPenney that I discovered what a 6x slim was. LOL! Yes, I used to be pretty skinny. 

As you can see, Spring for me is pretty synonymous with JCP. And this JCPenney spring fashion look embodies the season with perfection. How season appropriate is this look? The brightly colored top pairs so well with the white flared cropped jeans. The shoes are from JCPenney as well. They are cute and comfortable too — top priorities for all my footwear.

Get this entire look (except the handbag and my Petey) #AllAtJCP. But hurry as they will sell out quickly, so get them before they’re gone. 

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*This post was sponsored by JCPenney. All opinions are my own. 



  1. Kalestine
    04/03/2019 / 12:35 pm

    I love the entire look. Itโ€™s springy and refreshing. I never wouldโ€™ve picked the blouse for me, but it looks great with the white capris. Nice.

  2. Linda
    04/03/2019 / 12:52 pm

    I love this outfit! Refreshing Spring look!

  3. Gloria
    04/03/2019 / 12:58 pm

    Love the entire look. I checked out the JCP site for different colors of the blouse. I think this one is trendy and stylish. Nice look.

  4. Damali
    04/03/2019 / 2:10 pm

    Thank you for writing this blog! When I saw the beautiful top you had on I wanted to know where I could see more. I actually like your entire look. I was pleasantly surprised this is JC Penny. It looks like I will be shopping online or in-store soon.

  5. Lauren Carter
    04/03/2019 / 2:44 pm

    I was in JC Penney at Aventura Mall over spring break and picked up the perfect yellow dress for Bird. They had a great selection and the sales were right on time! I wish there were one closer to me in Charlotte because they used to be my go to when I needed a dress in Tallahassee.

  6. AnitaB
    04/03/2019 / 2:45 pm

    Great outfit! I love the fit of the blouse! I think this will look great on me. I am looking to brighten up my wardrobe. Iโ€™ll have to check out J.C. Penney again real soon.

  7. Kathye Nobles
    04/03/2019 / 2:55 pm

    I have found a few nice casual outfits from JC Penney but nothing as fun as the outfit that you have on fir summer. I am really going to take my time to search through the racks or better yet take you with shopping the next time.

  8. Vivien
    04/03/2019 / 8:51 pm

    Love the entire outfit. So springy……the top is definitely my style and colors. I checked online and the shoes are also available in denim. Penneyโ€™s here I come! Thanks for sharing this look. Please share more!

  9. Candice Kemp
    04/04/2019 / 11:11 am

    Love the spring look. Great colors and gives the impression that fun is the goal. Didn’t know JC Penney offered such apparel. Will definitely check them out.

  10. Corinthia Prather
    04/04/2019 / 11:13 am

    I love this look on you. JCP has a lot of great clothes.

  11. Maria Climes
    04/04/2019 / 5:53 pm

    I am feeling the entire look. JCP hit the mark with the top! I will definitely look for it on my next trip. It will be a great way to increase my JCP rewards.

  12. Shernai Dodson
    04/04/2019 / 7:48 pm

    Love this look on you NikkiFree! I’ve always loved Penney’s (yes! I’m on a nickname basis with them I shop so much there!) Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I love it!

  13. 04/27/2019 / 9:38 am

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