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Getting To Happy: 7 Ways I’ve De-Stressed My Life

I haven’t been very happy lately. I’ve allowed LIFE to get in the way and my happy has diminished a bit. My work like has been hectic over the last few months as business travel has insanely increased.  There have been some business challenges that have required a lot of my time and energy, and well it’s drained me almost completely. As a result, I am spending what feels like less and less time at home with my family and friends, and more time focused squarely on the job. 

Not to mention the constant process of packing, unpacking, laundry, packing, unpacking, laundry, repeat, is so exhausting. It’s all affecting the way I interact with people. I have less patience. I’m becoming less engaging. And when I’m home, I don’t want to do anything that requires leaving the house. This is highly unusual of me and with a husband that enjoys us being out and about, my unhappiness is affecting the way we interact. Something had to change …

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To get myself out of this funk, I have made a concerted effort to do at least one thing that makes me happy every single day. I’m intentionally doing activities that make me smile from the inside out, and a lot more enjoyable to be around. Here’s just how I’m doing it.

Getting To Happy: 7 Ways I’ve De-Stressed My Life 

  1. Daily Reflection On Blessings — I’m not a religious person per se, even though I grew up in the church. I am very spiritual, however. And I have so much to be grateful for. I start each week with a personal gratitude list that helps protect me stress, anxiety and negativity.
  1. Talk A Stroll — I laced up my sneakers and spent my lunchtime walking around downtown Orlando. I am currently working on a project in my hometown which is allowing me the opportunity to explore the city like a tourist. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a lazy stroll around beautiful Lake Eola.
  1. Spend Time With Loved Ones — I proactively scheduled time to spend with my family and specific friends. This forced me to make plans that I knew I wouldn’t cancel, and fellowship with the people I love. It’s always laughs all around when I’m with my girls and my husband.
  1. Indulge In Self-Care — Book a couple of spa treatments at the Ritz-Carlton and relaxed all day enjoying the luxurious facilities. I spent so much time in the hot tub, my toes looked like raisins.
  1. Get Out Of Your Way — Procrastination can straight strip away your happiness. And as the Queen of Last Minute, I often find myself rushing to get things done. As a result, I grow frustrated and unhappiness settles in. I had been putting off purging my closet further for months. And then I just started. Then I couldn’t stop. The clutter was too much. But then it was a lot less clutter. My spirit has been significantly lifted.
  1. Start The Day With A Smile — It’s a simple suggestion, but science has proven that smiling activates neural brain circuits associated with well-being and happiness. I have made it a habit to greet everyone I encounter with smile, and I do it with intention. What I’ve found is this: it feels really good to smile, especially when you do it regularly.
  1. Just Laugh! — There is humor in everything, and I am a genius at finding it. I love a good laugh and it has its benefits. Laughter is literally medicine to the soul. It strengthens the immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects from the damaging effects of stress.

By engaging in intentional acts of being good to myself I have noticed a marked improvement in how I value myself … especially at work. Going out of my way to treat myself right has yielded many rewards for me already. How are you getting happy? Tell me in the comments section!


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