Let Your Matching Coordinates Do All The Work

Let Your Matching Coordinates Do The Work

Remember when you were a kid and thanks to your Mom, you were always dressed in matching coordinates? I mean, I know I had my share of outfits covered in ladybugs and floral prints. While some of you swore them off as you got older, my affinity for matching coordinates has never waned. And thanks to the fashion gods coordinates are back in a big, big way.

Your favorites bloggers, street style stars and curvy fashionistas rocking tops and bottoms that match. That’s when you know its safe to wearing the loungewear look outside the house is officially in. And these outfits are perfect for spring.

Matching CoordinatesMatching Coordinates Matching CoordinatesMatching Coordinates

Matching Coordinates

The best thing next to the comfort offered, is the ease in which matching outfits make getting dressed. The sometimes long and complicated experience is essentially cut in half. On those mornings when I just can’t pull it together, a matching set is literally my lifesaver. That’s when I let clothes do the work for me. Check out a few of my other matchy-matchy looks here and here.

This outfit is so affordable and stylish that I would suggest you grab one. It’s several looks in one as you can pair them together or separately. I found it in the “web exclusives” section on the Forever 21 website. The top and bottom is under $100. I know, that’s kinda expensive for Forever21, but their branded shop has some well-crafted gems. Read my post on some of the great finds here.

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  1. 04/03/2018 / 11:49 am

    Cute look on you. Coordinates definitely come in candy. Only beat out by a casual to dressy dress!

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