NikkiFreeCares: To Whom Much Is Given

To whom much is given, much is required ~ Luke 12:48

Inspired by Luke 12:48, the Bible scripture that in part reads “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required”, I am proud to announce my newest initiative, NikkiFreeCARES. It’s my informal way to inspire, empower and encourage others to be more philanthropic in African-American communities.

I was raised in the church, like many black kids who grew up in the South. There were very few Sundays that I was able to actually miss church. My maternal Grandmother was (and still is) a church attendance hawk.  As a result, I can quote Scripture and recite Christian doctrine with little hesitation. However, there is but one scripture that I believe completely defines my entire purpose in life. That’s Luke 12:48.

Simply put, the greater the privilege, the greater the responsibility. The scripture is  simple, straight-forward and to the point. Those eight words have been a guiding principle in my life for as long as I can remember. I believe there is always room to do more for others with our resources. I  make generosity part of my personal growth strategy.

Some may interpret this principle to mean you must give money or material things. I think it includes ones physical gifts as well. If you have a voice, use it to feed the soul of others. If you are an artist, fill others’ spirits through your work.

Each day, I try to enrich someone else’s life in small ways. And each month, my husband and I find a cause to support. In return, we have been blessed beyond measure with good health, a wealth of resources, great friends and family, and hearts that care for others. NikkiFreeCares is a new initiative from NikkiFreeStyle that officially formalizes our community engagement and philanthropic efforts.

Every month on NikkiFreeStyle.com, I will share information about charitable initiatives I am working on and provide opportunities for others like YOU to get involved. I’ll also highlight those organization doing great things in communities all across this nation, but who get very little recognition for their efforts.

The catalyst for NikkiFreeCares was a trip to the movies. On March 10, thanks to a network of like-minded friends, family and supporters, my cup was running over. NikkiFreeCares was able to take more than 80 underprivileged and homeless kids to see Black Panther. It all started out as a simple request in my Facebook status in February. The excitement around the film and the amazing preview clips, compelled me to organize an outing for kids who might not otherwise get the opportunity to see the movie.

NikkiFreeCares Hosts Black Panther Movie Trip For 80 Kids 

NikkiFreeCares: To Whom Much Is Given

In late January, I posted on Facebook that I wanted to take 50 homeless kids to see the movie. A year previously, I had partnered with ChopArt to provide tickets for girls affiliated with the organization to see Hidden Figures. I thought it was an important and inspiring film for young girls that could inspire them to go into STEM fields.

For Black Panther, I’d pay for 25 movie tickets and would accept donations from anyone willing to support more kids attending.  A day later, I had raised enough money to take 77 kids. One week before the movie trip, I had over $2500 in donations and two 40-seat passenger buses to provide transportation, donated by MV Transportation.

We took the children and chaperones to CineBistro, provided popcorn, candy and sodas for everyone in theater. Thanks to Jasmine Elder of JIBRI who designed Kente cloth crowns for everyone to wear! Following the film, each child was provided a bag lunch. The kids were so grateful as evidenced  by the toothy smiles, the many hugs and thank yous . But knowing that through my efforts I had provided memories of a lifetime for these kids was priceless. I honestly can’t wait until my schedule allows for me to do something similar again.

NikkiFreeCares: To Whom Much Is Given

Do you know of an organization or person in who is doing amazing and selfless things to inspire and empower? Drop the name of the organization in the comments below or email me at NikkiFreeStyle.com. I may just feature them here, especially those organizations focused on kids.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more from NikkiFreeCARES!


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