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White Shoes: Do We Love or Loathe Them?

I have hated white shoes all my life. With the exception of sneakers or flat strappy sandals, white shoes have essentially been a strict no-no for me. I’ve always thought they looked clunky and reminded me of church usher shoes. I don’t even remember having the customary white patent leather shoes all the little girls wore on Easter Sunday. My Mom actually loathes white shoes more than I ever have. She totally thinks they are tacky, and like her, I’d sworn them off for good — until recently.

As a fashion lover, it’s really tough to swear off anything “fashionable”, especially when that one item is now like really “IN”. Much to my surprise, I have found a way to embrace white shoes and the Ruffled Leather Court kitten heels from Zara made the impossible happen. Now, I find myself browsing new shoe releases and sales for yet another great bold pair.

The white-shoe trend picked up steam last year with luxury fashion houses like Chanel and Celine championing the resurgence. And as of late, I’ve started seeing them more and more of my favorite style mavens and bloggers. The shoe that was considered tacky and trashy in the 1980s is now more of  as a classic closet staple than a passing trend.They definitely bring attention to any outfit, nicely punctuate an all black ensemble and add a bit of chic-ness to your overall look.

Browse my selection of some of the best and boldest white shoes available in every budget. I have a few favorites. Which are yours? Or do you loathe them as much as I find myself loving them now?

Get Your White Shoes On! 

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