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Forever 21 Web Exclusives: My Top 21 Favorites

Lately, I have been shopping Forever 21 in a whole new way. When logging on to the affordable fast fashion brand’s website, I immediately click on the exclusives section. Why? Because that’s where the good stuff lives like this amazing statement sleeve and gingham bodysuit. It’s just one of my 21 favorite Forever 21 web exclusives that I am sharing with the #Freehive in this post.

The very best part of this pretty piece though is that it is a bodysuit! I live for a good bodysuit and this one is everything. Even better than the style was the price … $45! You read that right. The brand known for $3 earrings, $10 tops and $20 dresses is offering a few costlier goods online. It is all part of a greater strategy going on across retail to attract new customers.

I have never really been a huge fan of Forever 21. The clothing just didn’t hold up well to regular wear or washing in my opinion. However, I haven’t had that problem with the web exclusives and some of the other brands offered in the Branded Shop. The high-low price mixing not only brings in more buyers, it also elevates the lower quality items.

I am looking forward to more quality in craftsmanship exclusives from F21 in the near future. Below are 21 of my current favorites. Tell me what you think and whether you’ve shopped there web exclusives before.

21 Forever 21 Exclusives I’m Loving

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