Living My Life Like It’s Golden In Eloquii

Gold Velvet Suit

I discovered the theme song of my life on a Jill Scott CD back in 2004. When my bestie (in my head) Jilly From Philly released her second studio album Beautifully Human” Words and Sounds Vol. 2, the song that spoke most to me was Golden.

That song is my personal mantra because for the last 20 years I have been intentional about Living My Life Like It’s Golden. It wasn’t until Jill sang about what I was living and feeling did I know what it was. I was taking my freedom, pulling it off the shelf, putting it on my chain and wearing it around my neck. I have a great husband, a wonderfully loving mom and extended family, no toxic friends and an awesome career. In essence, my life is as Golden as this lovely velvet suit from Eloquii. It’s the song that came to mind when I laid eyes on this ensemble. Its color, cut and fabric are quite simply classic and chic.

Eloquii Gold Velvet Suit

Eloquii Gold Velvet Suit

Eloquii Gold Velvet Suit

The robe-like wrap jacket with the black satin trim exudes luxury, but is versatile enough to style casually when worn separately. You can totally pair the jacket with boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee for a fun thrifted vintage look.  I placed the jacket’s belt my waist of the  flat front pants. I left the jacket open to show off the matching black velvet bardot bodysuit. My black, trimmed in gold, Chanel lapel pin was the perfect accoutrement and brought the look together completely.

Ladies, grab this suit before it is completely sold out and show the world just how Golden your life is! You will be glad you did.

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  1. 11/20/2017 / 4:00 am

    I find myself buying Black and White striped EVERYTHING .. skirts, dresses, tops, shoes. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices available, and by adding a pop of color or a contrasting, yet complementary, print (camo, florals, polka dots, leopard) you can create several different looks with one signature black/white striped piece.

    For many more looks and Nikki’s take on style be sure to visit her blog Nikki Free Style.

    I love Clothing of Nikki.

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