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Being an American has had it’s challenges over the last 8 months since a new President took office. Too often we are finding ourselves at odds with our co-workers, neighbors, longtime friends and family members based solely on politics. However, it doesn’t have to be all bad. Having friends in other countries, of different ethnicities and backgrounds who share your thoughts, recognizes what is happening is not normal and who validate the way you are feeling.

Enter Lisa, the funny, fun-loving and body-positive advocate behind the popular plus-size blog A native Canadian, Lisa finds herself looking sideways at the news coming out the States regarding our Commander In Chief. But she also gives me peace of mind to know that beyond the border that separates our two  great nations, people are rooting for us. People want the United States to succeed.

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Lisa and I started blogging around the same time back in 2015 and have watched each other grow our respective brands and following. She has been supportive since we actually met at Full Figured Fashion Week two years ago. Simply put, we just click. Maybe it is because we are both in our 40s and work professional jobs. Or maybe it’s because we blog as a hobby but if the opportunity presented itself, would love to turn blogging into full-time careers. Perhaps it’s because we just enjoy life regardless of the color of our skins or the girth around waists. Whatever it is, this black girl and that white girl are a perfect example of how easy it is to look beyond whatever prejudices, stereotypes or biases we all may have grown up with and getting to know someone for who they are on the inside.

Lisa and I linked up recently for some girl chat, laughter and a photo shoot in looks from one of our favorite brands, ELOQUII. We had so much fun during this shoot and all the laughter in the pictures is genuine. ELOQUII is one of the few brands, probably because they design exclusively for us, that gets plus size clothing right. As career women who love fashionable and professional clothing, ELOQUII is definitely our go to brand. It’s my first stop too for fun casual clothing as well.

I hope you enjoy our looks. I also hope you are inspired to rise above the noise around you and stay connected to those people, regardless or race, religion, socio-economic status or SIZE, who MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT AGAIN!

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