5 Amazing Black Girl Makeup Artists On YouTube

I learned to master (at least by my own standards) my own makeup application by watching a few amazing black girl makeup artists on YouTube. After work, I  pour myself a glass of wine, kick up my feet and get lost in the world on YouTube makeup artists. Here are the black girls that are beating faces all around the world and some of my favorites videos of their looks! Yes, I subscribe to each of these ladies’ channels, and so should you.

Destiny Godley

Simply put, Destiny is badass! There is no look or technique this woman can’t master. You look at one video and you think she can’t top that look and then she hits you in the head with one more dynamic. Destiny is BEAST MODE!

Jennie Jones

Jennie is the quintessential proper British girl. And she is gorgeous! I love listening to her polite British lilt almost as much as I enjoy watching her create gorgeous looks. She creates the most naturally beautiful looks that are easiest to recreate.


This Canadian beauty is amazingly talented. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone apply their foundation perfectly with their hands. Sonjdradeluxe is a master of the sun kissed beach babe look with lots of shimmer and golden shine. She exudes real laid back and cool confidence in every video.


This babe hails from the Republic of Suriname and speaks fluent Dutch. Kluermoi brings all the pretty colors and culture of this  South American nation to all of her looks. She loves playing with bold eye colors and nude lips. She has the best cheeks and lips on YouTube hands down!

Melly Patrice

Melly Patrice hasn’t posted a new video in almost a year. However, the videos she did upload before her hiatus are worthy of enough to keep her relevant for years to come. She creates some of the most amazing looks that are easy to fall in love with. Her smoky eyes are my go to videos when I need a refresher course!




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