The Most Versatile Sport Bra I’ve Ever Owned

As someone who takes fashion, style and fit very seriously, one of the most frustrating things about getting dressed — whether for work, play or workout — can be finding the best bra to compliment the look as well as one that provides ample support for your level of activity. As a result the best planned outfit or workout can be derailed by a poor fitting sport bra.

And it kind of goes without saying that finding a really good sport bra is an even harder task. It takes a tremendous amount of guesswork and magic to find one that fits properly and can hold you in place while you jog or Zumba. However, I can honestly say I have found the bra that every girl needs for every activity on her social calendar.

The new Vanity Fair Sport Bra while intended for athletic and exercise wear, is actually perfect for every occasion. Through extensive research, Vanity Fair developed a medium impact sport bra that combines the support and separation of a traditional bra with sport technology benefits. I tested this bra out for a full week, wearing it to a Zumba class, during one of my exhaustive run/walk workouts on the Atlanta Beltline and underneath a dress I wore for date night with my husband. It didn’t disappoint at all.

What I love the absolute most about the Vanity Fair Sport Bra is its versatility. The support and separation technology allowed me to keep my natural bosom shape and completely eliminated the typical smashed chest look that often comes with your regular, run-of-the-mill sports bras. It’s the least restrictive sport bra I have ever worn. All of which allows it to be worn as a traditional bra but one with additional support. 

This particular bra does have underwire that adds to the support, and as someone who for the most part wears mostly underwire bras, that didn’t bother me. However, I do know women who prefer not to. Don’t fret, Vanity Fair has the same bra in a wirefree version without underwire.

Before adding this bra to my collection, I owned 5 sports bras. I’m planning to either toss or donate them all. I’ve found the perfect one for me. The new Vanity Fair Sport Bra is all I need. It’s lightweight, fits great (I am a 40DD), and provides the right level of support for my moderate level of exercise activity.

Other Features in the new Vanity Fair Sport Bra

  1. Comfort — Surprisingly the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn. I definitely wasn’t rushing home to take it off post workout. 
  2. Convertible Straps — The straps are detachable at the back and can be criss-crossed for comfort making it easy to wear with razorback workout tops and tanks. 
  3. Moisture Wicking — A big plus in any bra, but most especially in sport bras, wicking fabric pulls moisture from the body allowing it to evaporate more easily and leaving you drier during workouts. It also helps to keep your body cool. 
  4. Light Padding — There is very light padding in the cups of the bra structured to comfortably contain and help add a slight bit of volume to bosom. 
Workout Must Haves

I neglected to mention that after one wash in the washer (something I don’t normally do with my bras. I hand wash them 95% of the time), the bra held its shape and did not fade, a huge plus. With this, I guess you can surmise that I fully endorse this bra and highly recommend it for full figured women who enjoy light to moderate exercise, and those looking for a bra you can essentially wear anywhere, with almost anything. I have been putting mine to good use! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy shopping! 

* This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 



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