Flowers & Stripes & Rows of Ruffles: Print Mixing 101

There is nothing more satisfying to me than finding an item of clothing that just makes you feel pretty even before you put it on. This beautiful floral and stripe printed dress is one such item. I am completely in love with the contrasting print and the rows of feminine ruffles.

I know, I know. This dress may be a bit too busy for some of you but I would ask you to ask yourself, “How interesting can your combinations of black, white, gray, brown, navy and khaki really get?” Step outside your comfort zone and try something different.

Speaking of different, as someone who prides myself in finding unique and rare clothing items whenever I can, this dress is from one of those rare stylish and affordable boutiques on Etsy. EUG Fashions is physically located in Sofia, Bulgaria and offers an array of on-trend European fashion gems including ruffled shirts, ethereal dresses and frocks, drop crotch pants, flowing skirts and leather accessories. 

I absolutely love their offerings and their prices are relatively inexpensive for the quality and customization (if desired). My favorite thing about shopping with EUG Fashions: Fast Express Delivery for a little extra cash. I literally ordered this dress on June 5 and it was delivered on June 8. I have subsequently ordered several pieces from the brand (I wore this dress in white to the Full Figured Fashion Week All White Curves At Sea Cruise) and can’t wait to share them with you.

 5 Simple Print Mixing Tips For Beginners

Although this particular is dress makes print mixing easy, here are a few tips to help you get it right every time:

  1. Always treat stripes and leopard print as a neutral.
  2. Floral prints and stripes are a winning combination, especially large florals and thin stripes.
  3. Match your colors, NOT the prints. Generally, if the colors work together, so will the print.
  4.  One unifying color will bring the entire look together.
  5.  Balance is a key to success. Mixing a small print with a large one strikes a perfect balance.

Now, you are on your way to being a pro at print mixing. Honestly, there are no standard rules for print mixing. Just play around with different options until you discover what looks best on you. 



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