STYLE: Perfect Spring Halter Dress

Springtime brings us some of the prettiest and most colorful clothing, like this simply beautiful sundress that I stumbled upon while doing what I do best … online shopping! 

Actually, an ad featuring this dress popped up while I was on a news site. As you know, I am a sucker for bright colors so it caught my eye immediately. I clicked on the ad and it took me to Ashley Stewart! Yes, this dress is from Ashley and I am real glad about it! While Ashley carries some really cute items, this dress just doesn’t look like what you expect from the brand. It has a high end, almost luxury feel to. 

It’s the perfect spring halter dress because it can be worn to all those spring-related activities we do so well in Atlanta: brunch, church picnics, college alumni cookouts, day parties and boating on a local lake.

This dress is sold completely out and I just bought it last week. Then, every size was available. It’s extra cute, stands out from all other Ashley items and at $36 the price point was perfect — no wonder there are no more left! 

Be sure to check out Ashley Stewart’s website for some of their other cute spring dresses and jumpsuits before they are gone too! As always, thanks for stop by and happy spring shopping! 



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