STYLE: Kentucky Derby Style

Today, thousands of people will gather at Churchill Downs, the world’s most legendary racetrack. They will snack on buttered bread with thinly sliced, fresh cucumber, sip on mint juleps and cheer on their favorite thoroughbred as the majestic prize horses Run for the Roses. And of course, there will be what I consider the biggest highlight of all: the highfalutin Kentucky Derby fashions.

The pretty floral sundresses and light colored seersucker suits are all on deck today at the 143rd Kentucky Derby in Louisville. I love all the pomp and circumstance and deep American tradition of the Derby. But most of all I love the fashions, and how everybody comes appropriately dressed for the occasion. The Derby is THAT single annual event where every female, regardless of her roots, gets a chance to express her inner Southern Belle, and every girl raised in the South knows any outside event in the Spring calls for a fine sun hat. (Note: Check out this Guide To Derby Fashion for inspiration.)

So this look is my ode to the Kentucky Derby. It’s a little muted in tone, but very high on style and even a little bit mysterious. I kind of feel like a secret agent who is on a mission at the Derby on the hunt for a rogue high stakes international gambler. (Yes, I have a vivid imagination). 

What can I say about this gorgeous, classy, yet sexy trench dress from ELOQUII is just absolutely amazing. They took a fashion staple and turned it into a dress that will — like its cousin the classic trench coat —will never go out of style. This dress sold out pretty quickly but ELOQUII has restocked it. You should definitely get your hands on this already vintage classic. Trust me, you’ll be able to wear it for years. 

I paired the dress with my natural wood Gaia Ark bag, rattan heeled sandals and wide straw hat that I added Gucci-like ribbon to in one of my DIY experiments. And I was ready to catch a bad guy at the horserace. 

Because of my love for the Derby, I plan to announce something soon that I am so excited about. Stay tuned! You’re gonna love it! As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Derby Day! 




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