High End Meets High Street: The Art of Mixing Splurge & Steal Clothing

VBxTarget Capsule Collection

When the Victoria Beckham/Target capsule collection dropped, my first thought was high end meets high street.  It’s High Street meets High End allowing women from a range of budgets to get their hands on designer duds for less. Beckham has been designing high fashion for years now, but her clothing has never been available on high street, until now — kinda.

VBxTarget Capsule Collection VBxTarget Capsule CollectionVBxTarget Capsule Collection VBxTarget Capsule CollectionVBxTarget Capsule Collection

In the UK, shopping areas that feature the run of the mill stores you’re likely to find in traditional American malls are generally referred to as high street. There, you can find British fast-fashion brands Top Shop, Missguided, New Look, and River Island just to name a few. What you won’t find is a Beckham boutique. The Spice Girl turned fashion designer hasn’t offered affordable clothing until now. And Target has us covered. If you’re a serious fashionista, you won’t be disappointed by VBxTarget collection.

I’m a big advocate of mixing high-end accessories with budget-friendly clothing. It’s actually a necessity for plus women as many high-end brands do NOT cater to us. So this VBxTarget collection is perfect for showing how to achieve success with ease. Much to my surprise and delight, Beckham didn’t “dumb down” her Target collection by using cheap fabrics and unskilled tailoring. The capsule offerings are well constructed and appear to be make with quality craftsmanship. A few of the items are even available in the high-end line.  This matching set in $66, and the quality is A+ with sturdy and well constructed pieces. A similar top and pants look from the official luxe Victoria Beckham line (which does not offer plus items) costs $1165. I accessorized with luxury items including a Chanel brooch, and a Gucci clutch and scarf. My sandals were $28 and from Forever 21.

Pairing your more affordable clothing with luxury accessories is a fail-proof way to show off prowess for style. No one but you will know what you paid for what, but they will certainly think you are a big baller.

Create Your Own High End Meets High Street Looks

  1. Go For The Classics — When you’ve decided to make a high-end luxury purchase, buy a classic piece that will remain in style for years to come. This is especially true for designer handbags and shoes. Most never really go out of style, but become great vintage conversation pieces.
  2. Save On Trends — Trends come and go, so don’t invest too much time, energy, and most importantly, MONEY on clothing that will likely be irrelevant after two, maybe three seasons. That goes for trendy designer duds too!
  3. Invoke Your Own Sense of Style — At the end of the day, wear what you like and stay true to your own sense of style. Regardless of what your look costs, how you feel in it and how it fits are what’s important.

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