Colorize Your Curves: 5 Tips To Achieving Success

For some curvy and plus size women, especially those of a certain age, wearing bold bright colors is just too intimidating. The immediate self-doubt causes some of us to sabotage the style Goddess inside. Let’s end this foolishness right now and fully embrace our Curves In Color. Below, I have offered five tips to help you colorize your curves.

Plus size women have been told for years to cover up our bodies, hide the rolls, minimize the appearance of cellulite and to never, under any circumstances should we show our gut. In essence, we are taught to shrink our (clearly bigger) selves and never draw attention ourselves.  This “advice” is harmful, mean-spirited and fact out wrong. Below, I have offered five tips to help you colorize your curves. Colorize Your Curves

I’ve tossed this (and so many other) outdated fashion rule on its head for as long as I can remember particularly because I just firmly believe colorful clothes look fantastic on melanin-rich skin. Look around my blog, or my Facebook and Instagram feeds, and you can easily surmise that I am Rainbow Bright’s black-ish bestie. I simply don’t shy away from color because I have a 40 inch waist and 48 inch hips. Whether it looks good on me and to me is all that matters. The key to success is not about the hue, it’s all about the fit.

I don’t look like Big Bird in this sunshine bright yellow jumper. Nope, not one bit. But I do feel confident, beautiful, youthful and happy. Pairing yellow with turquoise is one of my favorite color combinations, so it was a no brainer to add this great neckpiece that adds a classic twist to this look. The sandals with the pretty pastel pom poms were also a welcomed addition that compliment the look.

This bright and youthful jumper, with its off the shoulder neckline, ruffles and frills, is a fun piece to add to your wardrobe and women in their 40s can totally pull this off! I did. Below are a few tips to get your curves colorized!

Colorize Your Curves: 5 Tips To Success

  1. It’s not about the color, but it is all about the fit. If the garment fits and hugs your curves just right, there is a 99% chance any color will look good on your curves.
  2. Be sure the color compliments your complexion. I know a LOT of African-American women with very dark or deep complexions that absolutely refuse to red, yellow, orange or pink hues. For you I have two words: Lupita Nyong’o.
  3. Begin incorporating colorful accessories into your looks: a bright pink pair of earrings, an orange clutch bag, red shoes, etc.
  4. Black and neutral colors don’t necessarily make you look slimmer. Refer to #1.
  5. Women with smaller upper bodies and curvy hips/thighs, can balance proportions by going light on top with dark bottoms. A uchsia top with a chocolate skirt is a classic twist

As always, thanks for stopping by and share with me your thoughts on curves in colorful clothing!






  1. 01/13/2018 / 4:51 pm

    Nikki you look stunning in these beautiful bright colors! I hadn’t thought of pairing yellow and turquoise; I’m definitely going to try it! Where can we buy those super cute and manageable shoes ? Thank you for sharing your style and inspiration.
    Voluptuous and Victorious 👩🏽‍🎤

  2. Vivien
    03/29/2018 / 8:44 pm

    Love the color! Looks great on you.

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