Have you guys been in Zara lately? It seems that I can’t stay out of there. I travel a lot for work and in the last couple of months I have been in Zara stores in Dallas, New York, Washington, DC and Orlando. I know … I know, but I remain true to who I am at heart … a real shopaholic. 

I am so loving Zara’s offerings lately, especially since they have subtly added a few extended sizes. That means some of us plus/curvy ladies can get on Zara train ….but still can only sit in the very back. I still kinda have a love-hate relationship with the brand. I love their fashion-forward, trendy clothing and the price point. I just HATE they don’t offer more items in larger sizes. If you are beyond a size 18, chances are you won’t find much of anything that fits your properly on Zara’s clothing racks unfortunately. Trust me, I felt quite lucky to have found this gem of a dress. 

The fit is perfect and it’s a roomy size large. The contrasting colors and fabric make this such a unique dress, and the asymmetric hem adds a little excitement to the frock. This is such a fun dress that is versatile and is perfect for casual Friday in the office with a cute pair of pumps. Here, I paired with my Gucci Webby mule with introduced a subtle pop of color to the mostly blue look. I added a colorful Swarvorski crystal butterfly brooch to add a little more color and to complete the look. 

I am hopeful Zara will realize the error of its ways and include even more plus items to their stores. They should have more than enough evidence that plus women want more and have the coins to buy out the store! We are patiently waiting …… 

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you think of Zara and they larger sizes. 


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