STYLE: Surprise! It’s A ……

…… Maternity Dress! 

That’s rights, it’s a cute spring appropriate maternity dress that this absolutely definitely not at all and in no way possible pregnant curvy fashionista just happened to love so I bought it! And without hesitation. 

It’s the first time in my life I have ever bought maternity clothes for myself, probably because it just never really occurred to me before now that you don’t have to be pregnant to indulge in the cuteness that has become maternity wear. 

And you know how experienced moms like to advise expectant moms not to spend a ton of money on clothes that they’re only going to wear for a few months? Maybe that’s another reason it never crossed my mind. But hey, this maternity dress from ASOS (sold out) was simply too cute to pass up and I wasn’t going to let not having a baby bump deter my need for this otherwise perfect spring/summer dress. Plus, it was a steal at $49! 

And since there really are no rules or regulations that dictate when it comes to wearing what you feel most comfortable in, I say go for it. If you come across that perfect maternity fashion find, even if you aren’t expecting, I expect you to buy it! You just might regret not doing so later. I sure would have had I missed out on this fabulous and carefree frock! The bright colors, the stripes, the off the shoulder ruffle detail all come together  effortlessly! 

Have you/would you buy maternity clothes for yourself even if you aren’t pregnant? Why or why not? I happen to know a few people who are skinTy and much smaller in the stomach area than I who only wear maternity jeans because they like the belly support provided by the built in tummy shaper. I might have to try a pair next! 

Just remember, true style knows no waistline! Happy Shopping! 

Some Maternity Dresses I LOVE! 


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