One of my friends coined the name #Freehive as the moniker for the fans and followers of me and NikkiFreeStyle. And another friend, after seeing this fun jumper, said I am officially the “Queen Bee” of the hive! So here I am, officially accepting my seat on the throne having been coronated as NikkiFree, The Queen Bee of the #Freehive. 

I stepped completely outside of my comfort zone in this very youthful look. Sometimes you just have to do that and see where it may lead. But since I am such a big fan of bold colors, stripes, bows, jumpsuits and anything off the shoulder, and because this one jumper encompasses all of those elements, I was sold. It’s also a great look for ushering in Spring. The palazzo pants bottom was what sealed the deal on this purchase. 

This cute and very well made jumper is only $55 from GS Love, a one stop shop destination for your trendy, affordable and fashion clothing. It also came in pale pink and white but that one is sold out. I stumbled upon the GS Love brand while doing some online shopping. The style and quality of their clothing lies somewhere between Forever 21 and Fashion To Figure, but this jumper feels more expensive than it is. The fabric is good heavy quality and is 68% Rayon, 28% Nylon, 4% Spandex. 

GS Love offers really unique and on trend items for both curvy and straight sized girls. Their plus selection doesn’t feel like the stepchild to their straight size section, and for that I am grateful.  Most of their items are a bit youthful, but who doesn’t like feeling as young as possible on any given day? You can really find some really fun standout pieces from this brand. Check them out and tell me what you think. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! I love the #Freehive! 


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