STYLE: A Sense of Drama

If you have an affinity for ruffles, and don’t think they’re just for little girls under the age of 12, then you are loving that the frilly detail is popping up on everything and everywhere, even in the most unlikely display … like the quirky placement on this skirt. 

The double ruffles across the front of this mini are indeed what drew me to it. They look so out of place yet so right where they should be making this a very unique but versatile piece. With this skirt, I wanted to create a fun and flirty look that was light on saccharine but heavy on drama, in the most subtle of ways. 

I decided to pair it with this off-the shoulder beauty that is equally fun, flirty and unique. The top, which I found here, is very on trend considering designers are paying so much attention to the décolletage as of late and giving us so many different options to show off that part of the body. The shoulders and neckline areas are my favorite because it never gains weight. Ha! But I digress. 

I let the leaf printed top be the star of the show by it with all black everything and the skit ruffles just added to the drama I was going for. The hunter green faux fur stole increased the drama.  This is a great date night look and my husband thought it was super sexy. I’m happy with how it all came together! What do you think? 

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