STYLE: Pretty Coordinated

I am a sucker for coordinated looks. However, while matching your top and bottom can seem intimidating and tricky to pull off, when done right it can take your outfit to a whole new level of classic chic. 

Not only does wearing two items in the same print or color create a very preppy and polished aesthetic, it also can make dressing EXTREMELY easy. So thank God (for me at least) 2014 hasn’t called and asked for its trend back. 

The matching coordinates trend became popular once again in 2014 with celebrities and everyday style mavens rocking printed separates on international runways and through the streets of Every Major City, USA. Let’s talk about this “pretty coordinated” look I am wearing here. Not only do I appreciate the matching print, I absolutely love the long oversized cardigan paired with the short mini. This is the perfect fall/winter outfit thanks to the knit fabric, texture and color. Oh and did I mention because it matches it made my #OOTD a total breeze to put together. 

The two piece set of deliciousness is from Elvi Clothing, a brand that has quickly become a favorite of mine recently because of the luxe and classic feel of their items, two things I look for in my clothes. Elvi is one plus size exclusive brand that is sold in store at Nordstrom’s, and on Asos.com. I have found it to be cheaper, for the most part, on the actual Elvi website. (Elvi website shopping tip: Be mindful that the sizes are listed in UK sizing which is very different from US sizing. A US 16 is a UK 20.) 

The knit top underneath is from Ashley Stewart (sold out) and I grabbed my Rockstud bag and shoes to tie it all together. Opaque tights were appopro due to the freezing temps, but this look can also be hit a without them. (Click here to get the cardigan on sale. The set is less than $70!)  

It’s 2017 and I have a whole new outlook on life for the year ahead. The theme of the next 365 days in my home is “grateful”. All year long my husband and I plan to demonstrate through our actions and words how grateful we are for God’s continues blessings, supportive and loving family, friends who have become family and for the life that we live. What are you grateful for and how do you plan to celebrate those things all year long? Would love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and stay tuned for all the great things in store from me and NikkiFreeStyle.com in 2017.

Fashionably Yours,

All photos by Gossett Photography


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