A Little Cookie Lyon-ish

If you are a fan of Empire, the hit television show about the Life & Times of music moguls Lucious & Cookie Lyon, you likely had an inclination by the title who this post was all about.

Cookie Lyon, the matriarch of the over the top crazy, but incredibly talented Lyon Family music empire, has become a pop culture and fashion icon. Played by the talented Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson, (my BFF in my head), Cookie will rock the hell out of a metallic gold leather suit and top is with a mink stole. In he next scene, she’s in a a classic St. John jacket with a pair of ripped knee Gucci jeans. Of course, it wouldn’t be Cookie-approved ghetto fab without the gaudy luxury accessories. A bright red leather Moschino bag adorned with closed to tacky gold hardware is a must-have in Cookie’s world.

Mama Lyon is the poster child for 1990s urban fashion or what some of us call Ghetto Fabulosity. It works for her! And much like mine, Cookie’s closet on the set of the hit show has a little bit of “everything from Prada to Target,” so says the show’s costume designer Rita McGhee to TVInsider.com.

My look here is a bit of an ode to Cookie, the ride or die around the way girl. This look combines high end luxury pieces mixed with very affordable fast fashion items. It also features fur and a trendy body-conscious dress. I felt like a badass in this look, a BOSS ready for any challenge, fierce and fabulous just like Cookie.

This ensemble was pulled together from pieces that have been in my closet for a while. You really can find some hidden treasures when you shop your own closet! I’ve linked a few similar items below for your to shop.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I  hope this look has inspired you to embrace your inner Cookie Lyon: Boss Babe Extraordinare!


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