I Shopped My Closet & Look What I Found

There is absolutely NO denying that I am addicted to shopping, and pretty much have been all my life. I blame it all on my shopaholic Mother. We both have enough clothes to open a boutique that could probably support us into retirement. So, the other day I just decided to “shop my closet” to see what treasures I might find.

Low and behold, I came across this two-piece matching set and this beautiful hunter green leather jacket, each of which still had the tags attached and none of which had ever been worn.  I purchased this wool and plaid peplum top and matching pencil skirt back in 2013 from ASOS. Yes, I bought this set three years ago and just ripped the tags off it for the very first time this month. See problem was, when I purchased it, I had a little more “cushion” in my waist, hip and thigh areas and the outfit was just too doggone tight.

The skirt is fully lined and as all curvy girls know, lining isn’t always our best friend! But by drinking lots and lots of water, power walking daily and less consumption of processed foods, I have managed to get well below the 250+ pounds I weighed in 2013 and even into 2015. I felt miserable at that weight because I simply wasn’t very healthy. I was always out of breath, could barely walk up a flight of stairs and unhappy with the limited clothing options available for my heavier self. Don’t get me wrong. I still loved ME (and so did my husband), I just didn’t love how unhealthy I had become. So I started making small changes that eventually resulted in a healthier me. The slimmer me was able to slide on this outfit with no problem and for that I am extremely happy!

Now back to the look: The hunter green leather coat by IMAN was too small in my arms when I purchased it from HSN back in 2014. I thought then, as I do now, that it was a perfect item to add to my outwear collection (if only it fit). It has a very 1970s retro feel to it and I simply love the color, the gold buttons and the double-breasted aesthetic. I also like the quilted stitch patten on the lapels and sleeves. This jacket is currently sold out, but a similar one with suede detailing is available here.

Last but not least, I added my most beloved Gucci bag (and the matching shoes) from my collection to complete this look. The Gucci Blondie top handle bag with the large gold GG emblem is like a new born baby to me — so precious and so adorable. I bought this bag back in the early 2000s near the end of Tom Ford’s reign as Gucci’s creative director. The bag and shoes have long been sold out and discontinued, but I have offered similar suggestions below.

In 2010, Gucci invited me to an in-store event in San Francisco to have this bag engraved with my name on the inside flap in 18 kt gold officially make it MY very own personalized Gucci.  That’s just another reason for me to completely (and forever) love this purse … and the matching shoes.

The signature green-red-green colors completely compliment the coat and the plaid stripes in the top and skirt. It was so cold the day I shot this look that I never took a photo without the coat. The sleeveless top also includes a crew neckline, a skirted peplum and a concealed zip fastening to the reverse. I have included a photo of the top here.

All in all, I am so very pleased with how this look turned out. I hope I have inspired you in a few ways with the post: 1.) to get healthier, 2.) to shop your closet for great NEW clothes and looks, 3.) Invest in clothes and accessories that can outlast trends and what’s popular now. You can never go wrong with classic pieces.








All photos by Gossett Photography.









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