STYLE: Pink October

Besides being the greatest month of them all (my birthday in the 11th), October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that time of year I dedicate to friends who fought the battle with dignity and grace until the very end …

Pamela Mackey, Desiree “Angie” Daniels and Trisha Sherfield Polite … all three of these ladies touched my life in more ways than they could ever imagine and I miss them dearly.


Pam was a very close personal friend of my mom and like a godmother to me. Angie and I grew up together on Ohio Avenue. Her house was across the street from my grandmother’s home where I spent most of my formative years. Trisha was a college acquaintance who became like a sister to me later in life after we connected on social media. When I moved to Atlanta it was Trisha and her family who made sure my husband and I were included in all the comings and goings that the ATL offered. With several of our college girlfriends, we formed a sisterhood that was impenetrable. She (so she honestly believed) was the BOSS of all of us and when she shared that she had breast cancer, it devastated each one of us.  We never imagined her body would succumb to this horrible disease because her spirit was focused on Love & Life and pressing through. Her #Press movement (I will share more on this later this month) is still alive and well even though she’s been physically gone almost 18 months.

Pam, Angie  and Trisha. Three names that make me smile, laugh, love and live. We only have one life to live and they each taught me how to live it to the fullest!

I dedicate this “Pink Post” and the entire month of October to the memories of my Pink Angels — Pam (50s), Angie (early 40s) & Trisha (early 40s). All gone entirely too soon. If you are 40 or older and have never had a mammogram, I implore you to get one soon. If you are younger, talk to your doctor about breast health, breast exams and mammograms. Your LIFE could depend on it. 

Thanks for stopping by! Now go Save The Tatas! 


All photos by Carroy D. Bethea


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