STYLE: For Pete’s Sake

My mom wasn’t much of a pet person while I was growing up. So she certainly wasn’t the least bit enthusiastic when I found a stray kitten at the playground and tried to smuggle it home. Well, I did get it into the house and into the laundry room. I even managed to get the kitten a bowl of milk before I was busted and had to give up my first true love. Yep, it was the shortest love story in history. Less than 59 minutes to be exact.

To soothe my broken heart, Mom let me get a parakeet. I figure she thought it was less work to care for a bird. Me and Pete The Parakeet had very little interaction though. We played the stare game for hours on end. He was terrified of me and I of him because every time  I, or anyone else for that matter, reached into his cage to change his food and water, or to clean it out, Pete The Parakeet lost his fricking mind. He’d tried to peck your hands and he’d fly wildly all over the cage causing feathers to fly all over the place. 

I secretly kinda hated Pete. He grew old and more ornery, and eventually had to be put to sleep. That was over 30 plus years ago. I’ve never wanted another bird — EVER — until the avian prints conspicuously became a must-have fashion trend. 

I first fell in complete love with the bird motif when Gucci launched its Tian print earlier this year. (Click HERE to see my post.) I went crazy. I had to have a bag, the shoes and a scarf. Then Eloquii introduced these jeans with the cutest little birds embroidered directly onto the denim. So I had to have those as well. I think I’ve come down with a bit of the Bird Flu … 

I paired the jeans and the bag with this cute navy peplum top with lace sleeves for a really cute and casual fun look. I’m loving the end result and was ready to take flight, so I dedicated this look to the memory of Pete The (ornery) Parakeet! 

Top | Jeans | Bag | Shoes

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All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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