STYLE: Belly Baring

Taking fashion risks is all a part of the fun when you consider yourself a fashionista, and I have been taking risks since my Mom begin allowing me to dress myself. And the more weight I gained (I packed on the pounds during college having been pretty thin throughout my formative years) I was forced to become a little more creative and risky in my styling. 

As a result, I’ve always looked at clothing differently, embraced my curves and looked for pieces that I though best accentuated them. I don’t believe in following traditional (and outdated) fashion rules. I follow my own. And if wearing a belly baring crop top with “wings” coupled with slim fitting pants with my plus size/curvy self is wrong, I don’t want to right.

When the team over at Brown Sugar Collection (one of my favorite Instagram Boutiques … don’t sleep on some of these IG shops because you can find some great closet essentials at some of them!) reached out to me about this ensemble, I had mixed feelings about the look. But because I am a risk taker, I decided I’d try this look as it is an outside the box look for me. I think it worked as I am loving the way it all came together. And ladies, Brown Sugar Collection sells really cute clothing from sizes 0-24. Remember this skirt? It’s from Brown Sugar baby! 

Hopefully this look had inspired one of you to step outside the box and embrace a new look! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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