STYLE SERIES: Orange Is The New Black

I am a huge fan of the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black and have been since I watched the very first episode when we were introduced to Piper and her crazy antics  that ultimately led her to Litchfield Penitentiary. The show’s writing is brilliant and the actors make you believe they are their characters even after the director yells cut. And at the conclusion of Season 4, I felt physically sick.

Sick that the overcrowding at the now-privatized prison has stirred racial tension and the treatment of the inmates has significantly declined. Sick at the fate of (and shocked, really) one of the most beloved characters on the show. So in tribute to a show that really allows my emotions to be challenged in good and bad ways, I am doing a series featuring what has undoubtedly become my favorite color to wear … orange!

This Rebdolls dress is a hip-hugging stunner. Called the Cross Paths Bodycon Maxi Dress, I love the fit and length of this dress. I especially love the tapered bottom that provides a slimming silhouette. Unfortunately, not all my purchases from this brand are this good. The sizing is so inconsistent. Hopefully, they will get it together. 

Orange looks great on darker skin tones in my opinion. It really is a color that compliments all African-American skin tones. I love how the color makes my skin look so radiant. Orange is a color you should definitely start to add to your wardrobes lady. It is guaranteed to stay around for a while.  

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend. My family hosts an annual family reunion every 4th of July and this year it was held in Atlanta. My husband and I hosted Monday’s BBQ at our home, so you can imagine how exhausted we are. It was also our wedding anniversary weekend as well and we enjoyed celebrating 6 years together with our extended family. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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