STYLE: Carrie Fever

I am (yes, STILL!) an avid fan of Sex and the City and am so not ashamed to admit it. Don’t let me happen across a series marathon or a single episode while channel surfing because when I do, it’s almost as if I am discovering the show for the very first time. I love all the ladies and there is a little of me in each one them. But I most identify with Carrie Bradshaw.

I’d say Carrie and I have a few things in common … I’m a (recovering) journalist/writer and sometimes I freelance for various publications (my latest piece in Uptown Magazine is here), I have some really great girlfriends, I am fiercely independent and — the most obvious similarity of them all — I am a shopaholic through and through. Much like Carrie (and much to the chagrin of my dear husband), “I like my money right where I can see it … hanging in my closet.”

Skirt (here). It’s $89.95, but with a gift check and a 20% off coupon, I got it for less than $40! #WINNING

So when I saw this whimsical tulle skirt from Lane Bryant adorned with fun polka dots and in my favorite color combo, I knew I had to have it! It also reminded me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear and totally make her own. I immediately knew I wanted to pair this skirt with bright colors, and yellow and red would be the best color pop payoff to compliment this tutu. And how Carrie Bradshaw-ish is it to just throw on a tutu instead of jeans or a cute sundress for brunch with the girls or a stroll around Central Park (well, since I live in Atlanta, let’s make that Piedmont Park) with your special guy?

This skirt is sure to get its fair amount of wear well into the winter. I have so many ideas for this piece! Stay tuned for more great looks featuring this terrific tutu! And as always, thanks for stopping by!


All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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