STYLE: Casual Friday

Casual Friday

“It’s Friday, It’s Friday, it’s the end of the week and the last day ….

so what you gonna do?”

In Atlanta, this phrase is iconic. The moment you hear that Planet Rock beat coming through your speakers and veteran ATL DJ Ryan Cameron’s first “Uh huh”, you know the weekend has finally arrived!

The Friday Song is your permission slip to log off the work computer, freshen up the makeup, and head out to the hottest Happy Hour in town. Because today is Casual Friday, your look is one that at 8 am lets your co-workers know that 5 pm can’t get here fast enough. Does your workplace have a casual Friday policy? Can you dress down in anticipation of the weekend? If not, do you keep casual Friday clothes in your car so you are ready for Happy Hour at the end of the work day? This is serious questions! LOL!

Awwwww, it’s Friday — arguably my favorite day of the week. Cheers To Friday! You’re finally here, and you brought the wine!

3 Reasons Why I Love Friday

  1. Dressing down for work. Fridays are for dressing down.  Sometimes it just feels really good to wear your favorite dark denim skinny jeans to work. Paired with a pussybow blouse and heels, you are ready for both a team meeting and happy hour.
  2. The office atmosphere is on full chill. People aren’t so serious about working and meetings are a little more fun in anticipation of the weekend.
  3. Friday night is only hours away. Everybody is counting down to the end of the day, because Friday night is all about friends, fellowship and Tito’s  & cranberry juice.


All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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