PRODUCT REVIEW: Must Have Makeup Brush Cleaner!

I love makeup and have invested a lot of money in makeup brushes. One of the first things anyone who dabbles in makeup play must do is invest in great brushes. They definitely make all the difference in application of your face paint.

But one of the things I absolutely loathe doing is cleaning all my brushes. Oh it’s the worst  and longest task ever in my book. But a product I recently discovered is making brush cleaning so much more easier, efficient and super quick.

Sephora’s Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner has become my all time favorite brush cleaner, and it’s small enough to carry along even when traveling. And I do a lot of traveling for work!

The Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner is a gentle, solid sponge and brush cleaner featuring argan oil and a warm Moroccan fragrance.

It’s so easy to use! 

1.  Moisten the brush. 

2.  Lather up brush bristles by swirling brush over soap bar.

You can literally see the makeup dissolving off your brushes.

3.  Then swirl brush on the silicone pad to clean. 

4. Rinse brush and let dry.

5. Rinse silicone pad, dry it off and place it back in the container on top of the soap for storage. 

The argan oil in the soap gently conditions the bristles as it rapidly breaks down excess residue and germs. It is lightly scented, free of dyes and other skin irritants, and can be used daily without harming your brushes. 

I only wish the silicone pad was a little bigger for my larger face brushes. But all and all, I give this product 5 stars and would highly recommend it! You can purchase this great brush cleaner in store at Sephora or online here. It’s vey affordable to at just $14. 


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