Dear Curvy Girls, Wear What Makes You Happy!

This post was conceptualized to be one about how jumpsuits are essentially the new maxi dress. I was going to tell you how seriously obsessed I’ve become with these incredibly stylish, cute, versatile and fun to wear “onesies”, especially since there are tons of options now available for curvy and plus size women. 

But during one of my random internet searches, I was surprised to find that one of the world’s most recognizable stylists doesn’t think curvy/plus size women should wear jumpers that offer bold prints and large patterns.

In an April 2015 article from ABC News and Good Morning America titled Fashion 101: How to Wear a Jumpsuit,  I was struck by a comment from the ever so fabulous June Ambrose, stylist extraordinaire, who has dressed some of Hip Hop and Hollywoods finest, including Jay Z, Will Smith, Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige. 

In the article, Ambrose offers tips on how women of all different body types can sufficiently rock a jumpsuit. Of course she offered suggestions for the curvy woman, but said this “The curvier woman should avoid fabrics with large patterns and prints. The best fabrics would be solid colors to enhance curves in a natural way.”  *GASP and clutches my pearls

Wait what? Did I read that right? Is Ms. June prescribing outdated, stereotypical, in the box styling tips for plus size women? Is she suggesting we go back to the style rules that say plus size and curvy women should stay away from prints, bold patterns, bright colors, body hugging fabrics? Oh how I thought we’d gotten past such foolishness, but apparently I was badly mistaken. 

I tend to break all the “Fat Girl Styling Rules” when I get dressed, as evident by the patterned, printed and colorful jumpsuits I’ve been rocking lately. I own a few jumpers that are solid color as well, but I chose those more for the versatility they offer and not because they are devoid of prints and patterns. I offer these tips to curvy women when choosing your clothing, throw caution and useless advice that keeps you in a box to the wind! 

HAVE FUN & WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! I certainly do and I think I look pretty darn good in the process. 

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