My Closet Runneth Over SALE

I have a confession to make. My name is NikkiFree and I am clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup hoarder!

If my husband called the producers of the show Hoarders and invited them into our home, they’d definitely sign me up for an intervention. I’ve been a clothes hoarder since I can remember though, and I got it honestly.

My mom, my grandmother, and all seven of my aunts have more clothes between us than the Macy’s at Mall of Millenia in Orlando (or any Macy’s for that matter)! We literally could feed a small island nation for at least 3 years by simply selling the items in our closets — mostly new with tags still attached, several designer items and
loads of vintage pieces — and not miss a thing. Trying to get this group of Fabulous Fashionistas to collaborate on such an effort is too much work, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands and opened up my very own online boutique.

In just 2 days, I’ve sold over half the items I’ve posted to NikkiFreeStyle’s Wardrobe

Most of the items sold were brand new, never been worn pieces, discounted greatly. I’ll continue to upload new and slightly used (worn maybe once or twice) items each week, including shoes, handbags and accessories.

Check the site often for new pieces and feel free to ask me when something you’ve seen me wearing here on the blog, on my Instagram page or on Facebook will be available for purchase. I’ll be selling items often.

If you’ve already purchased from my Wardrobe, THANK YOU! Your support is much appreciated! If you haven’t purchased anything yet, stay tuned. There will be some great finds to come. Click HERE to shop my closet sale!

Happy Shopping!




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