I’m A FINALIST! Redbook Magazine’s Real Women Real Style Awards 2015

Earlier this year, Redbook Magazine put a call out for “everyday style stars” — women with real style and real budgets — to enter for a chance to appear on the cover of their September cover. A friend told me she was planning to nominate me and I laughed. A good gut laugh! I said, “Why waste your time? I’ll never even make it to the finals.” Seems my friend had more faith in me than I had in myself.

I made the cut. Out of thousands of entries, I was selected as a Top 25 finalist. (YAY ME!!!) I am so humbled by the nomination and my finalist status. To be a 40+ curvy woman and be selected as a finalist is such an honor. Curvy women aren’t necessarily considered beautiful, sexy, or fashionable, by mainstream fashion standards. I’ll admit, I haven’t always been a curvy girl. In fact, I was very slim most of my life, until my weight just went haywire while in college. But, I absolutely LOVE my curves and am a lot more confident in the way I move and feel because of them.

As a finalist, I have a chance to be on the September cover (THE COVER PEOPLE) of RedBook Magazine. To make that happen, I have to get more votes than my fellow 25 finalists! Readers can help choose a favorite by VOTING ONE PER DAY through May 22. This is where YOU come in. I NEED YOUR HELP!

TO VOTE: Click on HERE, then scroll down to my picture and simply click the little heart on the bottom right of MY PHOTO. I’m the 10th finalist listed! You can vote once a day per device (desktop, laptop, cell phone, tablets) for the next three weeks.Even my friend Cynthia Bailey, a famous fashion model and star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is supporting my campaign to the cover.

Winning would be such an honor, and I hope you will support. Thank you in advance. I would sincerely appreciate your

Below are some of my favorite looks from this year!

Love, NikkiFree


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