Classic — Yet Edgy — in Black

Black is such a forgiving color!

It can hide and conceal the lumps and bumps so many of us curvy ladies have a love/hate relationship with. We embrace our curves one minute, and then the very next minute, we’re complaining about the bulge. However, gone are the days that curvy girls wore black simply because we thought we had to. It was a more socially acceptable color for “big women.”

I love wearing black. Not just because of its concealing qualities, but because it’s a color that is so versatile. With this look, I was going for a classic silhouette in all black that was still fun, flirty and a little bit edgy.

I paired this on trend circle midi skirt from Eloquii (here) with a simple black spaghetti strap tee. Those two pieces alone were cute enough together, but the look needed something more. I added a “waist cincher” belt, my favorite peep toe ankle boots with cutouts, and a small clutch with spike details, and the look went from a simple “cute enough” outfit to a much more edgier and sexier look. My husband loved it too.

I hope you like the look or are at least inspired by it.

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All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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