Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This colorful jumper just screams FUN!

I mean everything about it … the color, the cut, the cuteness … makes me wanna sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, Cyndi Lauper’s 80s ultimate women’s anthem, and run around the house.

I purchased this fabric from Fabric.com over 9 months ago and wasn’t sure what I wanted to have made with it. Last week while in Los Angeles, I hooked up with my girl and awesome designer Neva Marie. I had given her the fabrics last year to customize me something cute.

When she pulled the fabric out the closet, we both knew IMMEDIATELY that it’d be one of these easy breezy jumpers.

Isn’t this just cute? It’s so easy to just throw on and go while still being stylish on a nice spring or summer day! If you are interested in having Neva Marie make custom pieces for you, contact her here.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like the look.



All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.


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