Spring Fling — Jumpsuit #3


 I’m back with the third entry in my series on great jumpsuits for spring. I love bright colors and funky patterns and this jumpsuit provides all of that and more, including a mock wrap tie and pockets. For the life of me, I can NOT remember where I purchased this jumpsuit, but it was definitely from an online boutique. I bought it in the spring of 2014 and this is my very first time wearing it. I wasn’t really expecting it to fit well, but once I put it on it was perfect.


I did however complete thie look with my favorite black red bottoms. And let me just say this about Christian Louboutins …. they are gorgeous, sexy, fun and flirty …. but they ARE NOT the most comfortable shoes in the world. Red bottoms, in my opinion, are the shoes you wear if you’re going to be mostly seated while in them. Now, there may be plenty of people who disagree with me, but trust me, there are even more who agree. Louboutins should come with a “Wear At Your Own Risk” disclaimer. LOL! Besides that, I like them a lot. Kinda crazy … I know.

Hope you are inspired by the look, especially if you have curves! Again, I am a firm believer that curvy women can have fun with their clothing too! We are so much more than spandex and muumuus!

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All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images.



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