October 24, 2015


I am all about color in my wardrobe. I have a closet (or two) full of clothes in an array of different hues and this dress (gifted to me by Brown Sugar Collection) with its colorful geometric print fits right in, and just RIGHT on me.

Some curvy women are deathly afraid of colorful prints, but this dress is on that defies all the archaic curvy plus size fashion rules. It is definitely curvy girl friendly as it slimmed me down quite a bit. I have been on a weight loss journey lately and the results have been pretty good, but this dress makes me look like I've lost more pounds than I actually have. For this, I am eternally grateful for this frock.

Dress: Sold Out
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Brown Sugar Collection has some really affordable and great finds in straight and plus sizes. I discovered the boutique on Instagram last year, and they've become a regular go to spot for cute, trendy pieces. Check them out!

Hope you like the look! This is one of my favorite pieces right now!

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