February 13, 2015

Black & White ... My FAVORITE Color Combo!

If you were to shop my closet, the first thing you'd notice (besides my blatant disrespect for organization and symmetry) is my over indulgence in all things Black & White. To me, it's the most classic color combination in clothing. It never goes out of style, is always tasteful and is quite flattering on all body types. And the occasional pop of color can definitely add a little pizzazz!

So when I spotted this black & white maxi skirt online, I had to absolutely have it! The skirt is very versatile as it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and where you're going! I will get a few runs out of this one before it's retired to the Shop Nikki's Closet page!

Here are a few pictures detailing how I styled the skirt with a great body suit and clutch bag (I'm obsessed with clutch bags)from ASOS.

Hope you enjoy The Look!

Style Quote Of The Day

All photos by Markus Moore for BigTime Images. www.bigtimeimages.wix.com

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